April 19, 2021

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum | Second Grade Curriculum For Homeschoolers

A Second-grade homeschool curriculum is basically a repeat and expansion of what your child already learned while they were in first grade.  Nevertheless, you will still want to make sure that you understand what your child is supposed to know in order to “graduate” from second grade.

Math 2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Whenever it comes to math, there are certain things that your second grader will need to know, including:

  • The ability to add and subtract
  • The ability to understand word problems that use addition and subtraction
  • Recognizing and writing basic fractions
  • The ability to count money including change
  • Gaining a full grasp of shapes, including those that are three dimensional
  • Understanding graphs and their labels
  • The ability to read graphs in order to gain information
  • The ability to build a graph so that they can use it in order to collect data
  • Understanding liquid measurements
  • The ability to use a ruler to measure items
  • The ability to read a clock by 5 minutes
  • Completely grasping what a calendar is and what all of the information on it means
  • Reading a thermometer in degrees Fahrenheit
  • Identifying information and solving a word problem whenever there is extra information included
  • Understanding how to use a calculator in order to do addition and subtraction
  • Writing numbers up to 1,000
  • Counting by twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens.

HomeschoolMath.net is a great website with lots of math worksheets that you can print out for your child to use.  There is also a curriculum guide and lesson plans that you can use.  You will also be able to sign up for a newsletter that includes lots of additional tips and suggestions on teaching.

Language Arts Second Grade Curriculum

There are also certain things that your second grader will need to know whenever it comes to a Language Arts curriculum.  These things include:

  • The ability to read second-grade readers fluently
  • Having a full grasp of phonics (i.e. long vowels, short vowels, consonant blends)
  • Practicing using emphasis whenever reading out loud
  • The ability to use proper punctuation at the end of sentences (i.e. periods, question marks, exclamation points)
  • The ability to grasp the use of quotation marks
  • Identify the beginning, middle and end of a story
  • Working on 10 vocabulary words and 10 spelling words per week
  • Practicing writing in their journal on a daily basis
  • The ability to write their own story
  • Learning how to proofread
  • Understanding a story’s setting and characters
  • Understanding the first person and the third person
  • Placing things in a story in the order that they happened
  • The ability to identify plural words

There are a couple of websites that you can use to help teach your child these Language Arts skills.  They include:

  • TLSBooks.com has a long list of free worksheets and other teaching resources to choose from.
  • Teach-Nology.com actually has a long list of second grade Language Arts worksheets.  You will find plenty of vocabulary and handwriting practice worksheets too.  It is easy to pick and choose what worksheets you want to use here too.

Second Grade Science Curriculum

Whenever it comes to science, your second grader will need to know the following:

  • Understanding observation
  • The ability to collect and record data
  • The ability to map out constellations
  • The ability to use a microscope
  • The ability to conduct an experiment and write it out with a Hypothesis and a Conclusion
  • Identifying the three forms of matter
  • Understanding force and how it affects objects
  • Understanding magnets
  • Understanding motion
  • Understanding the concept of organisms
  • Understanding the plant and animal life cycle
  • Understanding animal habitats
  • Classifying rocks
  • Investigating and understanding fossils
  • Observing weather in the various parts of the world
  • Identifying the different phases of the moon
  • Understanding natural resources
  • Having a full grasp of recycling

TLSBooks.com will continue to work for your second grader, just as well as it worked for your first grader.

Social Studies 2nd Grade Curriculum For Homeschooling

Your second grader will also need to know these things about Social Studies:

  • Understanding what a citizen is and what their role is in society
  • Fully understanding communities and the role that you play in them
  • Understanding holidays from around the world
  • Discussing other cultures and how they are different from yours (i.e. foods, clothing)
  • Understanding and creating a timeline
  • Understanding transportation
  • The ability to read and create a map with a key and a scale
  • Understanding weather conditions from around the world
  • Beginning to identify continents on a map
  • Understanding jobs and what an income is
  • Having a full grasp of what needs and wants are and how they’re different
  • Learning what the terms “consumers” and “producers” mean
  • Discussing laws and why they are important
  • Understanding natural resources and ways in which people can save energy

The best website for teaching second-grade social studies is National Geographic Kids.  This website has lots of activities that would be perfect for a history lesson.  They also have a long list of games and activities (i.e. arts and crafts projects) that your child can play.  Your child will also find a nice variety of educational stories on the website.

Other Sites To Check Out

There are also some websites that have a variety of different types of curriculum on them that you can incorporate into your second grade homeschool.  Two of them are:

  • Funschool.com has lots of fun crafts and educational games for math. Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.
  • Softschool.com is another free website that offers lots of free resources for second grade.  Topics that are covered include science, social studies, quizzes and information for parents.  There are also lots of worksheets being added to the website on a frequent basis.