August 2, 2021
Charlotte Mason Method

Charlotte Mason Method of Homeschooling

What’s the Charlotte Mason Method?

The Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling is a form of classical education. Learn more about why this method is so popular with kids and parents.

Charlotte Mason believed that all children had the ability to learn and that they had souls they were just waiting for the call of knowledge. This 19th-century educator has inspired a whole generation of homeschoolers and many parents use her methods to teach their own children at home. One of the marks of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method is teaching children through the love of books, nature, and art. Here is a close look at the popular Charlotte Mason homeschooling method.

Using Living Books

Charlotte Mason believed in teaching children with what are called “living books.” These are books that awaken the senses in children and adults alike and invite readers inside the book. These books will make the reader feel like he is a part of the story and encourage creativity in learning. They use easy to read format and a narrative style to pull you into the story.

These are not like typical textbooks, so that is what makes these books so useful in teaching children. There are literally hundreds of these types available for homeschooling. In fact, there are whole websites solely dedicated to the Charlotte Mason teaching method, which lists hundreds of titles of books for all ages. These include books that teach everything from fine arts to spelling to science topics. This makes it easy to find something your child will love.

Charlotte Mason Approach to Teaching

When you homeschool, you have a choice on what you teach your child and how you teach it. Many parents enjoy the Charlotte Mason approach because it is appealing to both the child and the adult. In addition, her approach can be used for very young children as well as older children. When you think of a classic education, it will most certainly involve textbooks and dry lectures. Not so with the Charlotte Mason approach. Her belief was that children should be taught whole education, with an emphasis on fine literature, art and, music. Children respond well to her teaching methods and develop a strong passion for learning throughout their lives. Her approach also stays away somewhat from written composition and instead focuses on oral narration. Writing is taught later.

If you are interested in homeschool, then you can find out more information about Charlotte Mason and her teaching method through books and on the Internet. You can compare her teaching method and beliefs and decide which is right for you and your child.

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