April 15, 2021

Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

Information on Regulations for Pennsylvania Homeschoolers

Pennsylvania requires some paperwork to be filed in order to begin homeschooling. Find out the specifics here.

Home School Parent Education Requirements

Three possible options exist for establishing a home school in the state of Pennsylvania. The first option is to establish a home school education program. Under this option, a parent must have a high school diploma or the equivalent. A private tutor may also be hired. The tutor must teach one or more children in the same family, provide most of the instruction, and be paid for their services. A tutor is required to have a Pennsylvania teaching certificate. The third option is for the home school to become an extension or a satellite of a day school that is operated by a church or other religious body. There are no qualifications that must be met by the instructor under this option.

Forms and Paperwork Required

The home program option requires a notarized affidavit to be filed with the local school superintendent before starting homeschooling, and then by August 1 every year thereafter. This affidavit must include the name and age of the child, the parent’s name, and their address and telephone number. An assurance that instruction will be in English must be made, as well as immunization records, a receipt of health and medical services, and an outline of the intended materials that will be taught in each subject. A certification must also be submitted that states that all adults in the home, including the school supervisor, have not been convicted of certain criminal offenses in the last five years. By June 30 of every year, the parent must then submit a portfolio of records and materials, and a written evaluation of the students’ academic progress that is written by a certified teacher a non-public teacher, or administrator with at least two years of teaching experience in the last 10 years. The private tutor option requires that a copy of the certification of the criminal history of the tutor be submitted to the local superintendent. No other paperwork is then required. The private school option requires that the school’s principal have a notarized affidavit filed with the Department of Education. No other paperwork is required.

Kindergarten Home School Requirements

Kindergarten home school requirements are nonexistent in Pennsylvania since compulsory education begins at the age of 8 years old.

Testing Requirements

The only testing requirements are for traditional home school families. A standardized test must be administered in grades 3, 5, and 8. The results must be included in the required student portfolio.

Other Useful Information

The Christian Home School Association of Pennsylvania may be an organization that you find helpful in your homeschooling endeavors. Further information on homeschool laws may also be found at the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

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