May 9, 2021

Homeschool Regulations in Texas

Overview of Texas Homeschooling Laws

Before beginning to homeschool in Texas, be sure you know the laws surrounding homeschooling. It is quite simple to begin homeschooling in this state.

This article is a basic overview of the regulations for homeschooling in Texas. Please be sure to check with the Texas Education Agency to get specific requirements or your local homeschooling organization to connect with other homeschoolers who share your values and goals for homeschooling your children.

Home School Parent Education Requirements

The courts have determined that a home school can operate as a private school in the state of Texas. Parents have no education requirements placed upon them in order to qualify to operate a home school.

Forms and Paperwork Required

Since a home school is considered a private school, no forms or paperwork are required to be filed or submitted to any department or organization. It has been found that any such requirements would discriminate against the school’s right to be run as it wishes just because it operates out of a home instead of a separate location.

Kindergarten Home School Requirements

Texas law does not require a child to attend school until the age of six. The law even specifically mentions 1st grade as the start of compulsory attendance, thus kindergarten is not required to be taught in a home school environment.

Testing Requirements

Texas law does not require a home school to participate in any form of standardized testing or assessment.

Other Useful Information

Texas law is fairly extensive in explaining home school rights since educational challenges have arisen in fairly recent years. As long as an actual school is being run out of the home, and that school has a written curriculum that includes math, spelling, grammar, reading, and a course in good citizenship, then no other restrictions can be placed on that home school.

It has also been determined that attendance at a home school does entirely satisfy compulsory attendance laws. Texas universities and colleges are also required to not discriminate against a homeschool graduate since this alternative educational experience is equal to public education in the eyes of the state of Texas. Evidence must simply be presented that verifies that an equivalent educational experience was received outside of a public high school.

Texas does comply with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This act further protects the rights of a parent to educate their child in the best way that they see fit. Numerous organizations can be found in Texas that offer support and ideas for home school families. Visit the following website for specific information:

This article provides a basic overview of homeschool regulations in the State of Texas and is not intended to be considered as legal advice. A full copy of the Texas statutes for homeschooling is available at Texas Statutes Education Code (25.085-086) and should be consulted by those planning to homeschool in this state. Also, visit the Home School Legal Defense Association for updated homeschooling information for Texas.

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