July 28, 2021

Homeschooling Adventures | Making Homeschooling Fun!

Homeschooling adventures and unschooling adventures are one and the same in today’s homeschooled world. You should consider making simple and everyday learning for your homeschooled and unschooled children to keep their imaginations running wild.

Many homeschoolers will openly and willingly tell you that the world is their classroom.  This is their way of telling you about the real-life learning experiences that they have on a daily basis with their children.  Even when homeschoolers take a vacation they still tend to learn about things like culture, nature, geography, music, food, literature, history and a lot of other things that are written about in schoolbooks.

Educational Vacations For Homeschool Adventures

There is no doubt about it: vacations have a way of stimulating a person’s senses.  Whenever you take the time out of your busy everyday life to travel to someplace new, your eyes will be opened to exploring new things that are found in your world and this in and of itself can be a true learning experience.

One person who has built their life on this is Eli Gerzon.  He calls this “World Schooling” and has even gone so far as to create a company (World school Travel Tours) that plans educational tours for teenagers.  These can be thought of as a “secular mission trip” because they are actually working vacations in which teens and their families have the opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture or environment.  While there they are called upon to perform acts of kindness.

Educational Cruises For Homeschoolers

There are also a lot of homeschool cruises being offered today.  Many of these cruises actually offer workshops about marine life, as well as other types of classes for kids too.  One example of these homeschool cruises is offered by Unschooling America.  It is called the “Unschool Adventure Cruises.”  Here an entire ship full of unschooling families will travel together, enjoying one another’s company, sharing resources and exchanging ideas.

Besides all of the great camaraderie and networking that take place, there are also educational activities available for families to partake in together.  Some examples of these activities include snorkeling, exploring exotic locations (i.e. the Bahamas, the Mayan Pyramids the San Juan Islands of Washington State).

Educational Adventures

Some families would prefer to create their own family adventure vacations.  Some of these folks are actually quite radical in doing so.  They are oftentimes referred to as “road schoolers.”  These are folks who live in recreational vehicles and travel around exploring the world and meeting new people.

Today there are even some online networks of families who meet up with one another periodically in order to create a sort of mini-culture of nomadic explorers.  Even if your family isn’t in motion, you can still share in this unconventional lifestyle by following the adventures of various road schoolers online or by purchasing the Wright on Time book series [Wright on Time Books, 2009] that was written by Lisa Bentley.

These are fictitious books about the Wright family who lives in an RV.  You can enjoy reading some great books that will allow you to share in their adventures.

Planning A Family Adventure Vacation For Homeschoolers

Whenever you are ready to plan an educational vacation, the first thing that you should stop to take a look at is your children’s interests.  This will open up a whole lot of different things that you can do, such as visiting:

  • The town in which their favorite movie was filmed in
  • The setting of their favorite book
  • The factory that makes their favorite toy
  • The town where their favorite author was born
  • The set of their favorite television show
  • The nearest national park
  • Museums in your area

It’s just a matter of thinking about where your children may enjoy spending some time.  Of course, you will want to make sure to balance high-energy locations with relaxing stops.  You will also want to make sure to include plenty of time for discussing the experiences that you are having together as a family.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that an educational vacation doesn’t have to be about parading through museums.  It can be anything that you and your family find interesting.  Since you are looking for unschooling adventures, you will want to make sure to follow your child’s interests so that you can provide them with a complete education simply by taking some time to explore every aspect of their hobbies, interests and, yes, even their obsessions.

This is something that Unschooler Dayna Martin talks about in her book entitled “Radical Unschooling, A Revolution has Begun” [Tasora Books, 2009].  Herein she says that when children’s attention is stimulated, they are able to absorb a whole lot more information and to even teach themselves everything that they really need to know.  Of course, adults will also benefit from travel.  By exploring new things parents can gain an entirely new perspective of things.

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