August 2, 2021

Movie I Want My Kids To Repeat

We make it a habit in our home to limit the amount of time our children spend in front of a screen. We don’t have a TV (not because they are evil, but because there’s not much worth viewing!), and watching a movie on the computer is usually reserved for special occasions.

Last month, we were sick for three weeks. The kids felt too ill to do much of anything, and I was worn out. I let them watch something almost every day. It didn’t take long before they started repeating what they were hearing.

I was thrilled. Yes, thrilled!

A week before we got sick, I received a copy of the Moore family’s brand new DVD, ABC Say It With Me – Bible Memory Verses in the mail. The timing couldn’t have been better!

ABC Say It With Me – Bible Memory Verses

ABC Say It With Me – Bible Memory Verses is a beautifully made film that promotes family unity, Scriptural truths, and the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It features a Bible memory verse for each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding visual depiction of each verse put into practice. For example:

  • In “B” a brother remembers to be kind by sharing with his little sister.
  • In “D” children are encouraged to pick up their toys without complaining.
  • In “H” children honor their parents through loving acts of thoughtfulness.
  • In “T” a 13 year-old brother takes time to read the Bible to his younger siblings.
  • In “Y” a young lady and her family are the “light of the world” to a harried restaurant waiter!

(Taken from Moore Family Films)

Our children found the DVD very relatable and like to point out the similarities to our own life: a mother and father who love each other and their larger-than-average family, a church that loves children and singing, a messy house that needs to be cleaned up, children who love animals and playing outside, and who struggle with the same sins and temptations they do.

The rules in the Moore house are the same rules in our home, so while our kids were hearing nothing new, the characteristics and habits we want to instill in them were being reinforced in an enjoyable way. I can’t tell you how much nicer it is to overhear our children saying things like, “Should we be nice to each other like the kids on ABC Say It With Me?” instead of, “Let’s be like Curious George and throw our food!” There’s no question about it, for times that warrant a DVD in our house (cold days, rainy days, sick days, or when a baby-sitter comes), I would much rather our children be influenced by the Moore family than a troublesome monkey or Dora The Explorer!

The only objection I can foresee people possibly making to this movie is that it’s too “perfect.” No one is this well-behaved in real life, critics might say. They would be right, but that’s really the whole point of the DVD. From the opening scene of “All we like sheep have gone astray….”, the message is decidedly biblical: we are sinners in need of a Savior, and that Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s only by His grace and the work of the Holy Spirit that we can hate evil and desire to obey God’s commandments.

If you’re looking for a film that:

  • you want your children to quote and reenact
  • can be replayed over and over again without them getting bored
  • doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions
  • has no foul language, violence, or innuendo
  • is wholesome and entertaining
  • is far more valuable than a Netflix subscription in terms of eternal value

…then you will want to get a copy of ABC Say It With Me.

A note to my paedobaptist friends: There is a brief baptism scene that involves dipping an older child into a lake.

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