August 5, 2021

Online Homeschool High School – Transcripts and More

There are a lot of homeschool parents who spend time worrying about what is going to happen in high school.  Fortunately, homeschooling high school doesn’t have to be that difficult.  It just takes a little more time and planning.

You can homeschool your child in high school with the proper online homeschool high school curriculum. Homeschooling online for high school is very easy today, especially with the internet. You can find dozens of high school programs online for homeschoolers they can do every day for a minimum of 6 hours.

High School Learning Activities

There are a lot of things that you can do with your high school-aged child that can be both fun and rewarding for your entire family.  These activities include:

  • Take trips to various places throughout the United States to learn about history and geography
  • Allow your child to practice their special talent for as long as they’d like.
  • Undertake a home improvement project as a family.  This is a great way to increase your home’s value while learning math, art and design skills in a natural way.
  • Find out about internship opportunities or allow your child to get a part-time job.  This can be very advantageous to them later on whenever they need to list experience on applications.  Many places like hiring homeschoolers because they can work hours that other children can’t work.
  • Have your child spend time doing volunteer work.  This can mean learning across the curriculum while helping their community.

Overcoming Common Concerns

There are some common concerns that most high school homeschool parents tend to share.  These include:

  • It is difficult to homeschool high school courses.  Fortunately, there are things like curriculum (including teacher edition), online courses, tutors, trading teaching time with other parents, computer CDs, DVD lessons, free information online and community classes that can help.
  • Some homeschool parents fear that their high school students won’t be able to participate in sports.  However, most communities allow homeschool kids to play on their sports teams.  Another option is to have enough families to come together to form their own teams.
  • There is also the concern about clubs, dances, and prom.  However, there are things like 4-H and scouting available, as well as other special interest groups (i.e. chess clubs, book clubs, volunteer groups).  Many homeschool groups have even begun organizing social opportunities such as dances (including prom), fun gatherings, parties, and graduation ceremonies.
  • Parents may be facing homeschool burnout by now.  Whenever this becomes an issue it may be time to change up your homeschool’s style for a while.  Take a look at a different type of curriculum.  Consider taking more field trips, doing more volunteer work or having your teen get a job. All of these things will teach your child new skills and knowledge while giving you a break and some time to refresh yourself.

Homeschoolers And Socialization

Many homeschool children grow up in a homeschool group whereby they get to know other children and their parents well.  Most homeschooled students tend to socialize well with people of all ages.  This makes gatherings both safe and fun.  Some other great things that you can do for socialization include:

  • Take a vacation in an off-season month.  This will also save you money and allow you to avoid crowds.
  • Have your child’s grandparents teach valuable lessons.  This also allows them to spend special time together.
  • If your teen is able to drive, allow them to take your younger child places.  This will give them some special bonding time.

Relearn High School Subjects Together

While the idea of reliving the high school years may sound scary, there are a lot of great benefits of doing so.  This is a great time for you to learn subjects that were missed in high school.  Plus homeschooling your high school student can be rewarding, exciting and valuable.

You can even help your child understand things like your love of art by visiting museums or taking community or college classes together.  If your budget won’t allow for them though, you can also find DVDs and computer programs to use.  The point here is that homeschooling your high school student really doesn’t have to be scary, it can actually be a lot of fun.

Getting a homeschool high school diploma will be the last step. This will include submitting your homeschool high school transcripts for the student to your state or government office for approval. Many homeschoolers in high school actually get to attend graduation at their local homeschool high school they are zoned for.

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