August 2, 2021

Schooling Programs


Home schooling is by far the best way to make your child smarter and help them develop and interest in learning. As a home schooling company we have a variety of services to ensure that this target is met. Each of our services offer up to date programmes for each category. Some of the main programmes that we have to offer include;


This service is aimed at providing the parents with advice on the course requirements. Most parents want to know what the course covers and what the programs entail. With this service the parent will be able to create the proper teaching plan to cover all the necessary topics.

Individual courses

This service is specific to teaching a single child in a family. It is up to the parents to choose the location. We provide all the learning materials necessary. Other research material are usually purchased by the parents to help the child fully understand the course.

Group courses

This mainly deals with teaching more than one child. The maximum amount of children per group is set at four. This is the best method for those that prefer having their children learn with their neighbours. It helps the child to be able to socialize with others as well as creates some form of competition within the group.

These are the main categories of teaching programmes that we have to offer. It is however advisable for the parent to contact us in order to get further information and know how to register. We are available via various methods of communication from emails to calls.