July 28, 2021

Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum

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Waldorf Homeschooling Part 1: How to Choose a CurriculumWet-on-wet watercolor painting is a technique taught in Waldorf schools and enjoyed by many homeschoolers. It’s a satisfying artistic experience, and the beautiful results can be turned into lovely gift cards, book covers, paper lanterns, or any number of beautiful objets d’art. The intent is to …

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Although every homeschool is unique, certain homeschooling styles and approaches have become very popular. Most homeschoolers do not follow one style or …

The Waldorf homeschooling method was popularized by Rudolf Steiner in Europe in the … Families who discover Oak Meadow homeschooling curriculum find …

Are you looking for resources for Waldorf homeschooling? This extensive list includes curriculum, supplies, organizations, and favorite book titles.

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Creative and caring Waldorf home school curriculum books, consulting and guidance for families, teachers and schools from kindergarten through eighth grade.

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Founded in 1996 by Kytka "Kit" Hilmar-Jezek, we offer waldorf resources and support for waldorf inspired homeschooling parents. We are proud to be the largest and most comprehensive site and invite you to join us

Please read this article before you begin our preschool program: "How to Homeschool" – article by Waldorf Curriculum Teaching Resources for Preschool & Kindergarten (pdf)

A Note: If you can only afford the essentials, these are the two things — and the only 2 things — that you need to develop your homeschool curriculum.

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